Everything wrong with high heels

There are people who believe high heels are made to be uncomfortable, and that's why they are attractive.

Here at Bouti Comfortable High Heels we beg to differ. We believe high heels are simply poorly designed. The common high heel looks like it is a shell of what a high heel should be. They lack an insole, proper inner lining, and a real outsole.

Women get blisters or their skin gets sore because there is virtually no inner lining at all. Just a rough and hard shoe wall that scrapes and feels uncomfortable. Imagine if sneakers had the same lining? It wouldn't be long before you get blisters during your workout.

They also lack an insole. In fact there's no insole at all if you really look at it. It's no wonder why women's feet feel sore and you want to walk barefoot, because there's no cushioning to rest your feet upon. It's like laying your head on a cinder block rather than a pillow. Well maybe not as extreme, but you catch my drift.

There's no outsole! Not a real one at least. The outsole on the commonly made heel is a thin hard piece of slippery plastic. It offers no grip and no shock absorption. The fact that it's hard as the floor means it doesn't make any difference at all, it might as well just not be there. And it doesn't have any grip on the floor either, because of the choice of slippery plastic material. A real outsole is supposed to made of a high quality rubber. A rubber that is soft enough to grip the ground but hard enough to withstand thousands of steps. A softer type of rubber also absorbs shock impact from each step, taking the impact away from your foot and "softening the blow". This puts less shock on your muscles and more time before your muscles become tired.

The positioning of the heel isn't ideal either, almost all shoe brands place the heel at the outmost edge. Making walking from heel to toe even more challenging. The greater the distance between the heel and the balls of the feet, the more time it takes to balance and land each step. The thing is, there's no reason it needs to have that great a distance. Your body weight is better distributed if the shoe heel is at the center of your (foot) heel. This is because normally your weight goes towards the center of the foots heel, naturally it never goes to the outer edge.

At Bouti Comfortable High Heels are main priority is to make high heels more comfortable, without sacrificing any sexiness.


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