How many types of high heels are there?

High heels have been around for centuries, but it wasn't until the 1950's that they became a fashion staple. Since then, many types have emerged and come in and out of style. Some have gone completely out of style, but might come back! In the fashion world, that's not uncommon. Here is a complete list of types of high heels, from least comfortable to most comfortable. Here at Bouti, all our heels are comfortable but nevertheless some types of heels will always be more wearable than others. Let's dive in.

Keep in mind that in general lower heels or heels with a platform are going to be more comfortable.

1) Kitten Heels

A heel typically not more than 1 inch tall

2) Wedge Sandals

The entire sole is flush with the ground, the upper is a sandal.

3) Cork Wedge

Sole is made of cork

4) Espadrille Heels

The sole is made of esparto rope

5) Wedge Heels

The entire sole is flush with the ground.

6) High Heeled Boots

The upper surpasses mid-calf and can go past the knees

7) Ankle Booties

The upper surpasses the ankle but stays below mid calf

8) Ballroom Dance Shoes

Shoes designed for dancers

9) Oxfords

Popular in the 1920-40s

10) Mules

An ancient style popular as far back as roman times

11) Ankle Strap Heels

Any heel with a strap across the ankle with provides support

12) Platform Heels

The sole is thick, which absorbs more shock from the ground

13) Chunky Heels The heel portion is thick which provides more stability

14) Cut Out Heels

When there are areas exposing the foot

15) Corset Heels

Tie up, gladiator like style

16) Peep Toe Heels

The toe peeps out

17) High Heel Sandals

Usually has straps wrapping around

18) Sling Back Heels

A strap wrapping around the achilles heel

19) Pumps

The most popular type of heel, typically shorter in height

20) Stilettos

The second most popular type of heel, typically higher in height

21) Fantasy Heels

Heels with no boundaries when it comes to design and look


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