How to walk in high heels

Walking in high heels can be a challenge for most women. It takes balance, coordination, and confidence to successfully land each and every step. Just remember it's always "heel to toe". You balance all your weight on the heel for a split second and land your step on the balls of your feet. What you don't do is stomp down directly on the balls of your feet. It is recommended to practice walking in shorter heels at first and work your way up. The more you practice, the easier it gets as you build more muscles and confidence. Here is a list to help you facilitate walking in heels.

1) Choose the right fit. If the heels are too loose, they will make you wobble. And if they're too tight, it's going to be very constricted and your skin will bulge out which is not an ideal look. You should be able to wiggle your toes a little and slip them on and off swiftly and smoothly.

2) Find high heels that have a shorter distance between the heel and the balls of your feet. This is because when you walk in heels it's always "heel to toe". You balance on the heel for a moment, before you land your step on the balls of your feet. If the distance is greater, that means it take more time to land your step which is more time you need to balance. It also distributes your body weight to the center of your heel which is where it's meant to go naturally. Here at Bouti Comfortable High Heels all our models feature a centered heel.

3) In general platforms and wedges are more comfortable because it absorbs shock impact from the ground. The more the outsole or platform absorbs the impact of each step, the less the foot will absorb it. That is why here at Bouti Comfortable High Heels we not only feature some models with a platform, but we also make all our heels with a thin but effective shock absorbent outsole. It is made of a soft rubber that not only provides better floor grip but also softens each step.

Remember, practice makes perfect! Be sure to check out our store to set you off on the right foot to walking in high heels.


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