The reasons why women wear high heels

The Spine Health Institute reports that 72 percent of women will wear high heels in their lifetime. High heels are almost an outfit requirement for formal occasions (think weddings or prom). Shopping for the right pair of high heels is considered fun for most women, and ritualistic for some like the famous Carrie Bradshaw from Sex and the City. But why do women wear high heels despite the discomfort? Let's dig in.

They make your legs appear longer.

"Long legs are a sign of health"

Studies on sexual attraction have shown that taller people are generally perceived as being more physically appealing regardless of gender.

Scientists believe there are good evolutionary reasons for the preference.

It makes your walk more attractive

When walking with heels, there is a reduced stride, and an increased rotation and tilt of the hips. In other words, they make you strut.

It makes the best parts stick out

Heels alter your center of balance by shifting your body’s weight onto the balls of your feet. This causes your pelvis to tilt forward and to compensate, you lean backwards. This increases the arch in your lower back.

When your back is arched, it will naturally push your chest and butt out. This is generally considered more attractive, since they will appear larger.

It's professional.

It's not uncommon to see business women in heels. And often it is expected of secretaries and receptionists to wear them.

It's part of a jobs dress code

Flight attendants and runway models are perfect examples.

They make a woman appear more feminine

Like skirts and dresses, they’ve been traditionally worn by women for a long time and is generally considered to be a feminine accessory to wear. Often this is the reason why heels draw more male attention, femininity is a sacred and beautiful thing.

They symbolize power

This probably having something to do with being taller. Look up "business woman" and you will see most of them wearing heels. Most of the Forbes most powerful women are repeatedly pictured in heels, whether that's on magazines covers or in everyday life.

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