The Technology Behind Our Comfortable High Heels

Updated: Jun 18

High heels have been paining women's feet for decades. And still in 2020 there isn't a single brand that makes comfortable high heels. Every single brand (even designer!) make high heels the same exact way. As if the point of high heels were meant to be uncomfortable. It's always the same, hard rough inner walls that cause blisters, no actual insole, and a sad excuse for an outsole. They resemble a shell of what high heels really should be. Imagine if sneakers were made the same way? They're not because there are engineers that actually work on developing the best technology to make sneakers comfortable and wearable.

So why isn't it the same for ladies high heels? Maybe because of this common belief that beauty is pain. As though women are supposed to be in pain. But maybe some women don't want to conform to the idea that they need to be uncomfortable in order to wear high heels. Maybe some women like wearing heels for other reasons. To be taller, to have longer legs, to make their back arch more, to feel empowered, or just because! Whatever the reason, women longer need to sacrifice your comfort.

Bouti Comfortable High Heels has been working over 2 years on creating the perfect comfortable high heels. They feature a double layer insole of silicone and memory foam to provide the perfect amount of cushioning. The inside is completely lined with a thin foam fabric to avoid any uncomfortable chaffing and blisters. A thin gum rubber outsole not only absorbs shock impact from the ground, but it also creates a non slip grip.

With free shipping and free returns, what's the reason not to own your own pair of comfortable high heels?


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